Our company history

1983Establishment of the company with head office in Adlkofen
1986Set up of the company's own company building in Adlkofen; Relocation to the new company building
1991Construction of an additional company building
January 1992Expansion of the manufacturing side in the new company building
December 1992   Establishment of a subsidiary in the Czech Republic; start-up of production in January 1993 in Bechyne
June 1994Majority acquisition of approx. 70% of Sedlbauer AG, Grafenau
November 1995Set-up of an absorber hall for EMC testing (CE) (conducted / and not conducted up to 1 GHz, EN6100-4-2/-3/-4/-5/-6/-11)
December 1995Construction commences on the manufacturing center in the Czech Republic
December 1996Start of production in the manufacturing center in the Czech Republic in Cicenice
January 1997Start of marketing measures to promote the test and checking systems from the Deutronic Automation department
1999Worldwide presence by expanding the international marketing and sales network
March 2001Establishment of the company Edwanz AG, Holding: Familiy Wanzke
June 2001

The Edwanz AG, Holding responsible for the strategic management, finances and administration takes the activities for the corporate group

DEUTRONIC Elektronik GmbH, SEDLBAUER AG, b-plus GmbH and IfEK GmbH bundle their strengths and activities to appear as EDWANZ Group

May 2005Establishment of the company Deutronic Iberica S.L. in Spain
2007Minority acquisition of b-plus GmbH, Deggendorf
2016Extensive cooperation within the EDWANZ group
2017Establishment Deutronic Electronic Inc. (USA)