Research Centre for Energy Storage Technology (FZE)

Research Centre for Energy Storage Technology, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Jonny Dambrowski - Head of the FZE

The Research Centre for Energy Storage Technology (FZE short for “Forschungszentrum Energiespeichertechnik”), founded at the end of 2012, continues in the steps of the specialist division battery charging technology of Deutronic, which boasts a successful track record that goes back more than 20 years. However, optimised operation requires appropriate condition diagnostics. A more intensive scientific discussion on the subject of energy storage began.

In response to the growing importance of energy storage, Deutronic, starting in 2007, invested not only in device development, but also in setting up a battery laboratory in order to be able to systematically research battery behaviour and to optimise operation and, in particular, charging strategies in real-life applications based on the knowledge gained. This results in an extensive know-how in battery charging technology.


Research topics of the FZE:

  • Evaluation/Testing of new storage technologies
  • Advanced charging strategies for lead-acid and li-ion systems
  • Aging-invariant charge condition determination, residual energy, battery life remaining, battery life prediction
  • Aging in multi-cell systems
  • Lithium-titanate systems: Characterisation, aging behaviour, condition diagnostics
  • Modelling and numerical simulation
  • Parameter identification in battery models
  • Development and optimisation of measuring methods for the analysis of energy storage systems
  • Optimisation of operation strategies for lead-acid and li-ion systems for maximising battery life


Joint projects and services

In addition to joint R&D projects with other universities and companies within the framework of the FZE, the Research Centre offers a range of services in the form of a test laboratory for battery storage systems. These include:

  • Evaluation/Testing of cells or systems
  • Optimisation of storage design for specific applications
  • Creation of expert reports