Prof. Dr. Jonny Dambrowski was honored as one of three authors of the year for his technical article
(Charging Lithium-Ion batteries) in the magazine elektronik 7/9 2013.
The award ceremony took place in Munich on March 27. Following, the article in two parts.

Laden Lithium Ionen Akkus Teil 1

Laden Lithium Ionen Akkus Teil 2


Validation of Impedance-Data and of Impedance-Based Modeling Approach of Electrochemical Cells by Means of Mathematical System Theory (only in English)

Validation of Impedance-Data



Review on Methods of State-of-Charge Estimation with Viewpoint to the Modern ... (only in English)

Review on Methods



About the requirements for loading strategy for lead starter batteries (only in German)

Ladestrategie für Bleistarterbatterien



Methods of the state of charge determination ... (only in German)

Methoden der Ladezustandsbestimmung



Charge batteries quickly and gently, published in the newspaper editions Elektronik 21/2009, Elektronik 23/2009 and Elektronikpower 2010 (only in German)

Akkus schnell und schonend laden (Teil 1)

Akkus schnell und schonend laden (Teil 2)

Akkus schnell und schonend laden (Teil 3)