Equipment of our EMC test lab

The working places of our EMC test lab offer various possibilities.  


Laboratory equipment:

  • Absorber hall (Frankonia) with ferrite plates and pyramid absorbers (shielding up to 18GHz and freedom of reflection); dimensions: 7.35x3.75x3.30m / door: 1.19x1.95m
  • Shielding cabin (S+M Components); dimensions: 4.00x3.70x2.55m / door: 0.90x2.05m
  • Measuring receiver (Rohde & Schwarz, PMM, Schwarzbeck)
  • Spectrum analyzer (Anritsu)
  • HF-amplifier (Amplifier Research: 2 pieces)
  • E-field sensor (PMM)
  • Signal generator (Farnell)
  • Millivoltmeter (Rohde & Schwarz)
  • Multimeter (Keithley)
  • Compact simulator (EMC-Partner): Dips, Burst, Surge
  • ESD-Simulator (EM-Test)
  • Power supplies (AC and DC), batteries
  • Capacitative coupling clamp, inductive coupling clamp, coupling and decoupling networks, antennas, artificial mains network (LISN), interference suppression material
  • Video monitoring of the equipment under test (EUT)