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Laboratory measurement quality manufactured in series


Automated test systems for the test of electronic components and systems

Whether it is the production of chokes, ventilators or power supplies, if electrical devices have to be mass-produced a complete quality assurance and documentation is necessary. Ideally, each measured value will be saved and archived. The similar or same measurement components as in the validation laboratories have to be used, so that the measured data corresponds with the data from the product release. If you are interested in further information, please read the article from the magazine messtec drives automation edition 10. Click here to download the article.

Deutronic Elektronik GmbH welcomes their new career starters


The company founder Eduard Wanzke welcomed on 1st September 2017 three new applicants and a work student. Alexander Quaresimin is starting an apprenticeship as an electronics engineer for devices and systems, Andre Nickl as electronics engineer for operating technology and Thomas Spegele as IT specialist for the development of applications. Melanie Wanzke is employed at our company as working student in addition to their studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut.

A new third company building - an investment in the headquarter Adlkofen


At the headquarter in Adlkofen a new and modern company building is going to be established in
a sustainable construction. The architecture blends into its surroundings perfectly.
In the early March 2017 the groundbreaking was the go-ahead for the expansion and modernisation
of the development, administration, manufacturing and storage capacities.
The four-storied building is going to be finished November this year.

DBL1800 battery charging system with max. 120A output current


Deutronic continues to expand its portfolio of battery charging systems / power supplies used within industrial manufacturing lines. The devices use reliable Deutronic MPC4 technology and deliver 100A Output current (peak 120A) at 14,4VDC. Alongside the already available version with 3AC mains
a 1AC version will be released soon.

“Junge Deutronicer” visit fair electronica in Munich


The “Jungen Deutronicer” consisting of 14 trainees acquired an overview of the entire range of latest technologies, trends, products and solutions regarding the electronic industry. Several specialist presentations followed by a typical Bavarian Weisswurst meal on the Deutronic booth were the highlight of the event. The group also visited the booth of the company b-plus, which is also a part of the EDWANZ Group. In addition to the framework programme the trainees used the chance to get an impression of the fair and kindle their enthusiasm for technology.

Industry Award 2016 Best of: Flush-mount Power Supply DP30UP


The DP30UP series received  the Electrical Engineering Industry Award 2016 BEST OF. This award may be given to especially advanced solutions with high economic, social, technological and ecological value.
DP30UP series sets new standards in the area of flush-mount power supplies for building automation applications. Compared with the competition, the Deutronic DP30UP power supplies sets itself apart due to its power density (30W continuous rating in a 60mmØ flush-mounted box), stand-by power consumption (less than 60mW) as well as the permissible ambient temperature (-25°C .. +85°C).