DBL800-M 800 Watt

  • Intelligent charger for lead acid-/ AGM-/ VRLA batteries
  • 100% on board safety, protection of on-board electronical system/
  • Use as battery charger and power supply
  • Extensive protection functions and self-protection functions
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Protection against defective batteries
  • Built-in communication interface
  • Reliable sparking suppression
  • Comfortable menu navigation / charging parameter configurable
  • Sealed housing
  • Status indication via display and high power LEDs
  • Menu navigation: German, English, Spain, Italian, French (others on request)
  • Accessories: External visualization of operating state (DBL-SIG-LR signal lamp)
  • Option: Customized charging parameters
  • Option: Regeneration charging for deep discharge batteries
  • Option:Low temperature resistant to -40°C
  • Option: Customized side parts (e.g. for cable mounting)
  • Utilized and approved by well known automotive manufactures
type input voltage output voltage output cat. no. check availability
DBL800-14-M 100-240VAC 14,4/13,2VDC 45 (max. 54)A 107066/0/000
DBL800-58-M 100-240VAC 57,6/52,8VDC 11 (max. 14)A 107088/0/000
DBL800IP-14-M 100-240VAC 14,4/13,2VDC 45 (max. 54)A 107062/0/000
type DBL800-14-M
input voltage 100-240VAC
output voltage 14,4/13,2VDC
output 45 (max. 54)A
cat. no. 107066/0/000
type DBL800-58-M
input voltage 100-240VAC
output voltage 57,6/52,8VDC
output 11 (max. 14)A
cat. no. 107088/0/000
type DBL800IP-14-M
input voltage 100-240VAC
output voltage 14,4/13,2VDC
output 45 (max. 54)A
cat. no. 107062/0/000
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