Battery chargers

With the DBL series Deutronic offers powerful charging computers, which are suitable for applications
within the industrial production line, for rework stations and for the workshop sector.

Key-Features of the Deutronic DBL charging computers for 12VDC and 24VDC batteries:

  • 100% qualified for motor vehicles on-board electronic system / airbag
  • Use as battery charger, power supply and, especially the high-power variants, for motor vehicles energy supply
    in buffer mode (support during diagnosis/ flash programming)
  • Extensive protection functions and self-protection functions
  • Utilized and approved by well known automotive and truck manufacturers in both their production and workshop environments

Beside the standard portfolio Deutronic offers optional (i.e. on request) also customised solutions:

  • Individual adapted charging parameters
  • Custom-made charging programs (for long-term charging, Li-Ion batteries etc.)
  • For low temperature operation until -40°C suitable variants (e.g. to supply test vehicles in 'Scandinavia' operation)
  • Battery diagnosis system
  • Regeneration charging for deep discharged batteries
  • On-board compatible external power supply for motor vehicles equipment in test stands
  • Adapted solutions to supply high voltage (HV) and hybrid vehicles
  • DC-DC converter for vehicle applications or buffer systems for on-board equipment e.g. in test cars (protects against voltage drops and data loss during motor start or deep discharged batteries)

Technical advices for the Deutronic Battery Chargers

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