Deutronic products

DC-CONNECT Networks smart Deutronic Products

Modular Design | Simple & Clear User Interface | Individually adaptable

Explorer structures with Microsoft Windows® user interface in the device management, which allows the division of a plant into different areas, e.g. Halls and zones

Customized signalling of different equipment status reports

Definable tabs for the presentation of relevant parameters in the device listing

Graphical representation of the measured values over a time-limited period

Read and store the current device configuration:
e.g. firmware-version, parameter set-Number, serial number, set parameter values

Parameterizing of single or multiple devices:
e.g. safety timer, setting the desired mode, voltage, current

Controlling of single or multiple devices:
e.g. start or stop an operation, changes the configuration during the operation

Allows a downstream analysis of the measured values

Graphically appealing preparation

Extensive zoom and configuration-functions

Export to other data processing programs

Maintenance information stored in the device can be read out:
e.g. interval of a device match, interval of a device calibration, interval of a check of the device perimeter

Update-possibilities of single or multiple devices:
e.g. bootloader, firmware, parameter set

Enables integration into e.g. a SIMATIC WinCC® system
via OPC interface