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General Service Conditions for RMA Requests

1. The completed RMA request including a valid RMA number must be inserted in a delivery note pouch and affixed to the outside of the return delivery package. Only deliveries marked in this way can be processed.
2. Every return delivery must be accompanied by a fault description and a copy of the relevant invoice (for warranty claims). A rapid processing of your delivery can only be achieved when detailed information is supplied. We reserve the right to return the goods unopened at the customer’s cost when the documentation is missing. The flat-rate charge for a return delivery is 10.00 EUR plus freight charges + VAT.
3. If no technical or mechanical fault can be found on the product under complaint, we reserve the right to invoice a flat-rate examination charge for the inspection.

4. The cost of transport and insurance for the returned goods shall be to the account of the sender. Insufficiently franked deliveries (for example not prepaid), will not be accepted by Deutronic Elektronik GmbH and returned to the sender.
5. Special provisions which deviate from the previously mention conditions, must be specifically agreed with the customer advisor and confirmed in writing.
6. Furthermore, the General Business Conditions of Deutronic Elektronik GmbH apply. Please use packing materials according to packing regulations as we cannot accept delivery of visibly damaged packages or take responsibility for any damages incurred during transport due to inadequate packing.