DIN EN ISO 9001 Certificate

We successfully met the challenge to a controlled Quality Management System and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since January 25th, 1993. Being certified ensures that we have implemented the principles of a quality system and have full control of our high quality standards.

We assure our quality expectations by

  • Detailed examination of the contract
  • Quality-related selection of suppliers
  • Integration of our suppliers in our quality system
  • Detailed tests at the development stage
  • Close cooperation between development, production and quality management system
  • Regular training of our staff
  • Documented device-related training
  • Individual error evaluation
  • Device-related repair evaluation
  • Documented random interim testing
  • 100% device end test
  • 100% device live test
  • Special testing conducted by quality management system

ISO 9001 - Document