Charging Technology

Modern vehicles include a multitude of electrical and electronical components. Vehicle onboard networks possess more than 100 control devices that have to be powered. The hardware and software is adjusted optimally and individually to the respective application and guarantees the greatest possible amount of security and reliability. Deutronic charging computers have proven their worth a thousand of times and thus have been in use by leading OEMs worldwide for decades. An absolute interconnectivity offers a multitude of possibilities: from real time monitoring or remote control to the downstream analysis and processing of all saved data. This means that the applications are almost limitless.

anwendung automotiv - Charging Technology

Vehicle production

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Our robust and powerful charging computers are especially designed and developed in order to fulfill the requirements and processes of the vehicle production. The battery and the board network are fully protected.

At the beginning of the vehicle production, there is no battery on board of the vehicle or it is not yet connected to the vehicle board network. During this time, the battery charging computer work in the external electricity supply mode while also supplying the board network and, thus, all electrical and electronical components with power. Depending on the process, the contact between charging computer and vehicle takes place either permanently (the charging computer for instance hangs over the c hangers and rides with the vehicle) or alternating (the charging computer is in a control cabinet next to the production line. The charging computer will then be connected tightly clocked via sliding contacts underneath the vehicle hangers to the conveyor passing vehicles). If the vehicle battery is connected to the vehicle onboard networks, the battery charging computer will recharge it and supply it with power. Tightly timed processes, parallel users and powerful electrical currents make enormous demands on hardware and software. Those are adjusted ideally to the vehicle production and guarantee the greatest possible amount of security and reliability. Deutronic charging computers have proven their worth a thousand of times and thus have been in use by leading OEMs worldwide for decades.

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DBL B 3AC - Charging Technology

DBL Batterieladecomputer 3AC B-Gehäuse

DBL 1200 e1507124980630 - Charging Technology

DBL Batterieladecomputer 1AC

Final vehicle assembly

produktion02 300x198 - Charging TechnologyDuring the final vehicle assembly, our charging computers provide full vehicle batteries while also offering a complete protection of workers, electronic and board network.

As soon as people are involved in the manufacturing process and powerful electrical currents flow, an extensive safety technology is required in order to prevent accidents and a row of unexpected events.

The necessity to guarantee fully charged batteries towards the end of the production while, simultaneously, having high consumptions and parallel users during the tightly timed final vehicle assembly, eventually leads to high charging flows and higher risks for people and technique.

Deutronic charging computers are designed and developed on the premise that the greatest possible amount of security has to be guaranteed for people and technique. These devices have proven their worth a thousand of times and thus have been in use by leading OEMs worldwide for decades.

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DBL B 3AC - Charging Technology

DBL Batterieladecomputer 3AC B-Gehäuse

DBL 1200 e1507124980630 - Charging Technology

DBL Batterieladecomputer 1AC

Transportation/ Storage

produktion03 300x198 - Charging TechnologyModern vehicles have comparable high power consumption even during standby mode. Irreversible battery damages can be caused by long transportation and storage time. We provide products to prevent deep discharged vehicle batteries or to show critical charging conditions.

The greater the vehicle fleet which has to be transported/ stored, the more effort has to be put in the regular monitoring of the vehicle battery. Even great vehicle fleets are controllable with little effort because the battery voltage indicator will be installed to the inner side of the windshield which is visible from the outside. The device will signalize whenever the vehicle battery needs to be charged or the battery is in a critical charging condition. The own power consumption is very low. A solar panel which can be installed to the inner side of the windshield (depending on the weather conditions) produces a low charging current that prevents deep discharge. Simultaneously, in order to prevent critical charging conditions, there is a signal of the charging condition of the vehicle battery.

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E BVI - Charging Technology

E-BVI Batteriewächter

product 0030 86 ESM5 - Charging Technology

ESM5 Solarmodul

DBLW freigestellt - Charging Technology

DBLW 501

Vehicle Showroom

produktion04 300x198 - Charging TechnologyFor demonstration purposes, our battery charging computers that can be used in the showroom disappear under the vehicle and enable the permanent operation of light and entertainment systems.

The challenge is, on the one side, to provide power to all consumers in the vehicle (entertainment systems, light, etc) and, on the other side, to expose the vehicle battery to as little stress as possible.

Conventional showroom loaders function according to the principle that there is a high charging voltage while power is consumed. During continuous operation this can be harmful to the vehicle battery and lead to irreversible damages. The Deutronic charging computers for the vehicle showroom are equipped with innovative software which is specially designed for maintenance charging (langzeiterhaltungsladen). The adaptive charging algorithm detects different load cases and scenarios and adjusts itself to the circumstances. This, eventually, reduces the stress level of and prevents damages to the vehicle battery. Since there are different operating modes, it is possible to gently charge the LiFePo4 starter battery. The vehicle board network and electronic are fully protected.

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DBLW freigestellt - Charging Technology

DBLW 501

Car Workshop

produktion05 300x198 - Charging TechnologyWe provide a wide range of products for the rough use in workshops which were designed ergonomically and technologically. Our efficient, robust and very durable products make us the preferred choice of professionals.

Charging devices need to operate reliably and be designed mechanically robust during the rough workshop conditions every day. Simultaneously, the charging devices need to ensure that vehicle batteries are charged reliably, safely and quickly. Deutronic charging computers are able to meet all requirements of the workshop environment. Professionals trust in various Deutronic products such as the external electricity supply, diagnosis tools or flash processes. We recommend using charging computers with at least 70A continuous output exclusively in order to avoid damages to the vehicle battery.

There are various new requirements on the used charging technology due to diverse battery technology innovations. The newly developed lithium-ion batteries for e-mobiles and hybrid vehicles show totally new charging characteristics and have significantly higher requirements on surveillance and security.

In order to meet these requirements, Deutronic developed a diagnosis- and conditioning system for high voltage battery modules: the DBL1200HV-60. This system enables the user to adjust the single modules of a high voltage battery system to a desired charge level. It is possible to monitor relevant parameters such as temperatures or cell voltages in order to guarantee the security of the module during the conditioning process. Furthermore, the Deutronic charging computers are extremely robust and very durable. These products have proven their worth a thousand of times.

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DBL 1200 e1507124980630 - Charging Technology

DBL Batterieladecomputer 1AC

DBLW freigestellt - Charging Technology

DBLW 501

DBL1200HV - Charging Technology

DBL Diagnose- und Konditionierungssystem für E-Mobilitäts Anwendungen

Trickle charging

anwendung erhaltung 300x200 - Charging TechnologyThe batteries of vehicles, boats, caravans and motorbikes need special attention and care because of the oftentimes long standing and hibernation periods. Deutronic is able to set standards for gentle and adaptive charging methods as well as the automated recognition of the battery chemistry.

A growing number of manufacturers have started to use batteries on a lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFEPO4) basis in their vehicles in addition to the traditional lead based battery types. This battery type, however, makes differentiated demands on the charging and discharging process.

Thus, Deutronic has developed an intelligent and adaptive charging algorithm that is able to identify the battery type (LiFePO4 or lead battery) fully automated and then chooses the appropriate charging parameter. Every battery type will be analyzed and then charged in the most appropriate and gentle way in accordance with its SoC (State of Charge) and its SoH (State of Health): It has to be kept in mind that each charging process is different! The charging algorithm examines and monitors the battery permanently and then adjusts the charging parameter individually. The charging process starts fully automated and makes an easy operation possible. In addition to the single charging process, the Deutronic DBL75-14 is especially designed for the long-term operation. It has been tested in cooperation with worldwide leading car manufacturers and thus it is not surprising that the Deutronic DBL75-14 is part of the scope of delivery of some luxury sports cars.

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product 0000 129 DBL75 - Charging Technology


DBLW freigestellt - Charging Technology

DBLW 501

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