Create the Future in a Sustainable Way

As an owner-managed family business, we do not think in quarterly periods. We think in generations. The middle of our corporate action forms the long-term preservation and expansion of our business activities. Therefore, we act in an economical, ecological and socially sustainable way – for a bright future.


Acting in an economical way ensures our long-term corporate success. This is demonstrated, for example, by waiving bank liabilities. A complete financing with its own capital ensures our independence and survivability in times of crisis.


To maintain our livelihood for further generation, we put emphasis on a resource-friendly management and production.
We develop and research on ecological and sustainable technologies that preserve our livelihood. While developing our products, we put much emphasis on energy efficiency and the least possible resource consumption.



We are particularly concerned about create jobs in the long-term. Therefore, the majority of our production takes places at our company headquarter in Lower Bavaria. Our commitment to our native country and tradition ensures us the trust of all Deutronicers.