A global player at home in Adlkofen. District Administrator Peter Dreier visited the headquarters of Deutronic Elektronik GmbH.

Getting an idea of Deutronic’s production and products: Adlkofen’s mayor Rosa Maria Maurer (left), district economic development officer Ludwig Götz (2nd from left) and district administrator Peter Dreier (2nd from right) with company founder Eduard Wanzke (right).


Intelligent power electronics and individual test systems for customers worldwide: this is what Deutronic, with its headquarters in Adlkofen, is dedicated to. District Administrator Peter Dreier, together with Adlkofen’s Mayor Rosa Maria Maurer and District Economic Development Officer Ludwig Götz, visited the company and was impressed by the product diversity and innovation that the employees in Adlkofen demonstrate under the motto “Power and More”. DC/DC converters, energy charging and storage systems, building automation systems and motor controllers with the highest degree of efficiency are among Deutronic’s products, but above all the construction of test systems and equipment for the automotive industry has seen an extreme increase in recent months.


Source (excerpt): Carina Weinzierl, Press Officer Landshut District Office