Deutronic Elektronik GmbH welcomes its new career starters

Company founder Eduard Wanzke welcomed four new apprentices on September 2, 2019. Mateusz Badenski starts an apprenticeship as a cutting machine operator and Dominik Rose as an electronics technician for devices and systems. David Stark will learn the profession of an IT specialist and David Welsch will become an industrial clerk.

Deutronic Elektronik GmbH develops and manufactures intelligent power electronics and test systems. As an owner-managed family business, we offer innovations and services in the fields of automotive charging technology, electromobility, automation technology and test systems. More than 150 employees work in Adlkofen together with our apprentices to realize application-specific special devices and customer-specific solutions, even for smaller quantities.

“In times of technological upheaval in the electronics industry, well-trained specialists are more important than ever. At the Adlkofen site, we offer you the ideal conditions to shape your career prospects with commitment at Deutronic Elektronik GmbH. We wish you a positive, exciting and promising training period with us in Adlkofen” (Management Deutronic Elektronik GmbH).

f.l.t.r. Back: Eduard Wanzke (General Manager), Marcus Weinfurtner (Division Manager Development), David Welsch, Schwotzer Philipp, Christian Wanzke (General Manager), Front: Vanessa Wanzke, Dominik Rose, David Stark, Mateusz Badenski, Thomas Wanzke (General Manager)