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Customised solutions according to your specifications

Deutronic Test Systems combine an individual and modular component assembly with the flexibility of the software solution DTS-PS which can be used for any purpose.
The result of this symbiosis is a customised Test System. There are no limits considering the fields of application. The type of the product to be tested and the degree of automation provide the framework for the whole concept. This process guarantees the electrical and physical safety and functionality of the products according to worldwide standards and provisions.

Test Systems for your individual use

anbieter - Test Systems

Individual configuration with test equipment from leading suppliers. Retrofits and modernisation are possible.

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Reliable components
  • Tested quality
  • Highest reliability and accuracy
software - Test Systems

Highly flexible and easy to use Deutronic DTS-PS test software. All imaginable areas of application covered by one software solution.

  • Can be used without programming skills
  • High system stability
  • Windows© interface
  • Freely programmable
  • Comprehensive test spectrum
massgeschneidert - Test Systems

Customized test and measurement systems

  • Maximum flexibility and variability
  • Fully network-capable
  • Safe, fast and reliable
  • Covers all applications
  • Cost-efficient retrofitting possible
DTS PS 01 - Test Systems


The Deutronic DTS-PS test software is designed for a maximum range of applications as Windows© desktop application.
Operation is easy and programming can be learned easily and quickly without prior knowledge. Test sequences, parameters, limit values, durations, handling and other properties of the individual test steps can be freely programmed. Relevant measured data is documented and archived in a modern SQL database


The hardware of all Deutronic test systems is designed fully modularly. Components of leading manufacturers are used. This allows an application-specific, high-quality component configuration, retrofitting and modernisation.

Handling - Test Systems


The motion sequences meet highest requirements regarding versatility, precision and speed. Handling can be freely programmed using the DTS-PS application software.

MT702 Rotortester - Test Systems


Depending on the requirements, the housing design consists of a prefabricated cabinet and aluminium profile systems. This enables an application-specific system design. This way, a connection to all common transport systems (chain conveyors, work piece carrier transfer conveyors, etc.) with a horizontal or vertical specimen becomes possible.


  • Deutronic meets all requirements on a test and measurement system
  • Simple and fast program generation
  • Short setup and test times
  • Minor adoption effort
  • Simple operation
  • Constant quality due to high testing depth
  • Short cycle times
  • High reliability

Deutronic test and measurement systems can be configured for any imaginable application thanks to their individual, modular design:

Power supplies, transformers, electric motors, semiconductor relays, mechanical relays, batteries, lights and lamps, fuses, lines and cables, solenoid valves, fans, switches, sensors, household appliances, medical devices, entertainment electronics, rail couplers, automotive industry and many more.

Test software DTS-PS

The Deutronic DTS-PS test software is designed for a maximum range of applications with a Windows© user interface. Operation is easy. The user can learn programming easily and quickly without programming skills. Test sequences, parameters, limit values, durations, handling and other properties of the individual test steps can be programmed freely. Relevant measured data is documented and archived in a modern SQL database.

Test schedules can be created with any number of test steps. The test sequence can be programmed freely as well as parameters, limit values, durations and other properties of the individual test steps. The presentation of images, graphics, instructions, technical documents etc. on the monitor can be integrated into the test sequence, e.g. to guide and support testing personnel in their work.

DTS PS 01 - Test Systems
  • Freely programmable, screen-oriented settings of test programmes and test sequences (e.g. creation of test programmes, parameter settings) without programming skills
  • Data output in PDF possible
  • Connection to ERP systems possible
  • Test schedules and measurement results are stored in a modern SQL database
  • Update-capable, modularly extendible, compatible with third-party equipment and third-party software
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance
DTS PS 02 - Test Systems

Flexible test programme creation

  • Freely configurable test sequence, parameters, limit values, durations and other properties of the individual test steps
  • Presentation and management of images, graphics, instructions and other technical documents
  • Nearly unlimited number of test programmes and test steps
  • All measured values can be stored in variables for further processing (calculation and handover)
  • Complex calculations possible via MATLAB®
DTS PS 03 - Test Systems


  • The test system database can be integrated into the company-international network
  • If several test systems are networked, the computer of one test system can manage and provide test programmes as well as technical documentation centrally as server
  • Further PCs can be integrated as programming stations
07 Pruefsoftware 02 - Test Systems

Modern SQL database

  • Test results, test programmes, users etc. are stored in a modern SQL database
  • Completely rational database
  • High reliability and scalability
  • Use of inquiry scripts for test data analysis
07 Pruefsoftware 03 - Test Systems

Statistics software DTS-Tablo

The Deutronic DTS-Tablo statistics software is designed for statistical test and measurement analysis and evaluation. The functions include analysis, evaluation, visualisation and reporting. This enables a survey of the productions quality and uncovers improvement potentials.

DTS Tablo 01 - Test Systems
  • Test and measurement analysis and visualisation
  • Comprehensive selection possibilities by time frames, order and article numbers, up to three filter levels
  • Integrated CpK analysis
  • Flexible detail filters via SQL wizard
  • Adjustable 2D or 3D presentation as bar, line or scatter chart
  • Reports for screen and print output
  • Clear graphical user interface
  • Versatile setting possibilities regarding data acquisition and analysis
  • Graphical and logged measured data analysis (e.g. PASS / FAIL)
  • Visual presentation of the characteristic values of a process possible without statistical assessment
DTS Tablo 02 - Test Systems


The relevant measured data is archived in a SQL database. Determined and archived measured data can be analysed using statistical methods in real time or in retrospect. The current process capability index as well as the process potential are determined during the ongoing test. This allows an immediate reaction to process changes.

Statistical data

The data of all networked test systems is stored in a data pool and is available at any time, e.g. to test field management, production management or quality control (office license required).

Lifecycle Service

With respect to service, Deutronic test systems also convince with an outstanding value proposition. Deutronic offers their customers comprehensive and competent service for all steps, starting from the first conceptual design to the test system modernisation.

Conceptional design

As a solution provider, our experts develop a concept based on the technical specification of the test object and the overall requirements.

dreieck unten 1 - Test Systems


Within the scope of the realisation phase, modular design and test software are combined into a tailored test system solution. The focus here is particularly on on-time realisation.

dreieck unten 1 - Test Systems


To meet highest quality demands, user training as well as sound support are provided in addition to several acceptances.

dreieck unten 1 - Test Systems


Within the scope of a maintenance agreement, Deutronic assumes the entire test system maintenance. Calibrations can also be performed upon request.

dreieck unten 1 - Test Systems


A new product generation often also includes changed test sequence requirements. Together with the flexible test software, the modular design allows a cost-efficient test system adjustment to changed requirements.

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