EMC Engineering

Electronic devices have to run properly, be secure and safe from interferences. They should neither influence other devices during the operation nor cause inadmissible circuit feedback. To be able to ensure this in the research and development processes, Deutronic has an in-house EMC test laboratory (electromagnetic compatibility). The laboratory with its consulting and proposed solutions is used together with local partners.

Proposed solutions for interference suppressions with its know-how from our development of power electronics.

  • EMC tests
  • CE-Precompliance
  • EMC testing during development
  • EMC advisory service
  • Proposed solutions for interference suppression

Conversion on site with merchantable standard components and specially made assemblies from our in-house electronics manufacturing.

Electromagnetic interference emissions

Specific to its performance

EN61000-3-2 Harmonic currents of devices with an input current per conductor of 16A. up to 50th order Analysis of current harmonics on the power input of the test item, with energization from a common voltage source.
EN55011 Radio interferences of industrial, scientific and medical HF devices. 9kHz – 30MHz An artificial mains network decouples the superimposed interference voltage of the test item’s supply line.


EN55011 Radio interferences of industrial, scientific and medical HF devices. 30MHz – 1GHz Measuring of the test items emitted intense of its interference field by an antenna.

Interference immunity

Specific to its performance

EN61000-4-4 Interference immunity to rapid transients (Burst high-frequency sequences). 4kV 5/50ns impulses  variable frequencies Simulation of high-frequency impulses like they arise when switching relays (contact bounce). Coupling of impulses into the test item’s supply line.
EN61000-4-5 Interference immunity to impulse voltage (Surge: high energetic impulses). 4kV 1,2/50μs impulses Simulation of impulse voltages which are caused due to lightning to overhead power lines or due to the switching of large inductances. Coupling of impulses into the test item’s supply line.
EN61000-4-6 Interference immunity to conducted disturbances which are induced by HF fields. 40Veff. 150kHz-230MHz 80%AM (1kHz) With coupling and decoupling networks the amplitude modulated sinus oscillations (80%AM, 1kHz carrier frequency) are coupled into the test item’s supply line.
EN61000-4-11 Interference immunity to voltage drops, voltage fluctuations and brief interruptions (Dips). 0-100% Dips 0-30000ms variable phase angles. Voltage dips, voltage fluctuations and short-time power failures are generated with a test generator in the test item’s supply line.


EN61000-4-3 Interference immunity to high-frequency electromagnetic fields. 10V/m (20V/m) 80MHz-1GHz 80%AM(1kHz) In the absorber hall amplitude modulated sinus oscillations (80%AM, 1kHz carrier frequency) are irradiated to the test item by an antenna.


EN61000-4-2 Interference immunity to electrostatic discharging (ESD) 16kV air 8kV relais Simulation of the discharge from electrostatically charged items regarding the test item and people. The electrostatically discharge can also influence objects next to the test item.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Absorber hall (Frankonia) with ferrite plates and pyramid absorbers (shielding up to 18GHz and freedom of reflection); dimensions: 7.35×3.75×3.30m / door: 1.19×1.95m
  • Shielding cabin (S+M Components); dimensions: 4.00×3.70×2.55m / door: 0.90×2.05m
  • Measuring receiver (Rohde & Schwarz, PMM, Schwarzbeck)
  • Spectrum analyzer (Anritsu)
  • HF amplifier (Amplifier Research: 2 pieces)
  • E-field sensor (PMM)
  • Signal generator (Farnell)
  • Millivoltmeter (Rohde & Schwarz)
  • Compact simulator (EMC-Partner): Dips, Burst, Surge
  • ESD-Simulator (EM-Test)
  • Power supplies (AC and DC), batteries
  • Capacitative coupling clamp, inductive coupling clamp, coupling and decoupling networks, antennas, artificial mains network (LISN), interference suppression material
  • Video monitoring of the equipment under test (EUT)
  • Material and components for debugging

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