Prepared for the future – Deutronic Charging Technology

In the course of increasing complexity of in-vehicle networking and the resulting energy demand, the topic of future-proof 12V charging technology is also increasingly coming into focus. The increasing complexity of requirements – also in the workshop sector – is a key argument for further future development. Both end customers and the responsible users in the workshop rightly have high expectations of the technology and its qualitative implementation. Lithium batteries in particular are of particular relevance to the European automotive industry due to the significant increase in market penetration and the planned ban on lead batteries in new vehicles.

Deutronic fully meets the high requirements of lead-acid and lithium charging technology and is therefore also a future-proof and innovative solution provider in the workshop sector. Many years of experience in the field of charging computers ensures high technological know-how and excellent quality.

Our charging technology product portfolio convinces with robustness in construction and reliability in handling, the provision of different charging modes as well as the quality feature “Made in Germany”. This is another reason why Deutronic is considered the technology and market leader for industrial automotive charging technology.

The DBL800 chargers for charging lead-based and LiFePO4 batteries in particular offer features such as the PowerUp mode, in which deeply discharged LiFePO4 batteries can be brought back to life. High-precision cable compensation and a hold/buffer mode to reduce the load on the DCDC converter in hybrid on-board networks (12V and 48V) support professional workshop use.

Also predestined for charging LiFePO4 batteries is the Deutronic Smart Charger SC500, which also has various modes for external power supply, specific charging programs for lead and lithium as well as two special selection modes each for long-term charging. In addition, the robust Smart Charger offers an adaptive charging and monitoring algorithm and a usability that is also optimized for showroom use.

This makes Deutronic a strong and reliable partner in the field of future-proof charging technology for lead-acid and lithium batteries and also meets the demanding specifications in workshop use. True to the company motto “Power + More”, Deutronic also provides additional added value alongside its products, e.g. in the form of in-house production up to series production and a worldwide service network. We are also happy to offer customized individual solutions.