Mobile HV energy buffer

D-IBM2900 – Increased efficiency and reliability

The increasing economic and technical demands on flexibility and reliability rise with the complexity of industrial plants. Due to its retrofittability, the Deutronic D-IBM2900 energy buffer is predestined for use in a wide variety of areas or industries and enables optimization in terms of sustainability thanks to its diverse flexibility and adaptation potential. In addition, it can be used as a backup solution to avoid cycle delays, idle times or downtime in industrial environments. In this way, the use of the product makes a decisive contribution to reducing time, costs and risks – while at the same time increasing performance.

The D-IBM2900 convinces with a capacity of 2900 mAh and can be used mobile as well as stationary. Compatibility with Deutronic DBL three-phase chargers (DBL1200/3W, DBL1600/3W and DBL1800/3W) makes Deutronic your problem solver in the field of decentralized power supply. Ensuring an uninterrupted power supply, it can even be implemented in outdoor areas due to the classification in protection class I and in combination with the corresponding charging trolley Deutronic offers a convenient overall package. Also for customers with the focus on lean management and continuous improvement, the energy buffer is the ideal solution due to its flexibility.