FT302 Abnahmepruefsystem Hochfrequenz - Test System for high frequency internal Vibrators

Test System for high frequency internal Vibrators

  • Optical visual inspection
  • Continuity test
  • High voltage test
  • Protective earth test
  • Current consumption of specimen via 6 current sensors
  • Calculation of the power consumption
  • Function test PRCD
  • Under voltage release

    Residual current
  • Rotation per minute measurement

A product and service range that is addressed to “professional users” in the construction industry, garden and landscape construction industry and industry companies, requires the development of a test system that does not only have high safety standards but also a suitable construction that is fitted to the test scope.
To compensate for the strong vibrations of the vibration body on the test system, the housing of the test cell, which is designed as a standing workstation, is mounted on a reinforced base frame and made to ensure permanent, reliable decoupling.
The test system is developed and designed with various connection possibilities to cover a high amount of different specimen. It is possible to carry out two functional tests (rotation speed, current input and power) of two identical high frequency internal vibrators in one test chamber. The safety tests need to be carried out separately. During the running test, the inactive chamber can be assembled with new specimen, without influencing the function of the active chamber.
Additionally, the required sensors for the rotation speed measurement are integrated so that a change between the different diameters is always possible without a “modification” or without great effort.
It is possible to store as many as desired test programs on the test system. The test plans can be created freely in the test system software. In the individual test steps, the components can be freely configured within the scope of their technical properties, and the time sequence can be set as well. The test program can be loaded automatically by the tester with the help of a scanner.

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