• Ensuring an uninterrupted power supply in the industrial plant area, with simultaneous downtime reduction
  • Backup solution to avoid delays in the industrial environment
  • Mobile loading unit enables flexible supply in vehicle fleets or rework stations
  • Flexible use in the context of continuous improvement processes or short-term adaptations
  • Autonomous battery system with internal BMS (single cell monitoring) and emergency stop

Transport system

  • Transport system (without charger)
    For one battery charger (standard version)
    Type: MPC4 (f.e. DBL1600)
  • Dimensions transport system (HxWxD): 100(202)x51x62 cm

Transport system for B-Housing version

  • Transport system for B-Housing version
    (without charger)
    For one charger DBL B-Housing
  • For mounting external signal lamp 107492/x with mounting kit 140591/x prepared

Transport system (multifunctional)

  • Without accessories
  • Transport system with mounting device for two DBL in B housing and signal lamps
  • Transport system with mounting device for two DBL2250/3W resp. DBL3000/3W and signal lamps
  • Transport system with mounting device for D-IBM2900 energy buffer system as well as two DBL/3W or -B and signal lamps


  • For one charger (standard version)
    Type: MPC4 (f.e. DBL1600)

Wallmount with cable holder

  • Wallmount with cable bracket incl. mounting and fastening materials for DBL series in B-Housing Version

Basic carrier / Rework station

  • Basic carrier for DBL MPC4 chargers, B-Housing Version
  • Incl. EU socket combination – not mounted!
  • Other socket combination on request

Cable spring balancer with locking device

  • Load 1,5…3 kg
  • Including conductor holder for round cables

D-ILA-F10A1 – EMC Filter for DBL-Series

  • Adaptive filter box to meet ILA EMC requirement on DBL devices
  • Retrofittable on existing DBL devices
  • Suitable for DBL1050-14, DBL1200-14 and DBL1600-14

External Signal Lamp

  • External signal lamp for charging computers of the DBL MPC4 and MPC9 series
  • For clear signaling of the charging status on production lines and workshops

D-ADAPT-SBB2X25 T-Adapter

  • D-ADAPT-SBB2X25 T-Adapter
    The T-Adapter enables the utilisation of the further functions of the 25 pole DBL interface while at the same time the external signal lamp (DBL-SIG-LR) is connected to the DBL.
    Type: MPC4 (f.e. DBL1600)
  • D-ADAPT-SB25 Data Cable
    Data cable male-female, 25 pole / 1.8 m

Mains cables

  • Mains cable for Europe
  • Mains cable for USA
  • Mains cable for Australia
  • Mains cable for United Kingdom
  • Mains cables international (4 set)
  • Mains cables international (3 set)

Charging cable

  • Charging cable 16 mm² /100 m reel Cable for battery charger
  • Standard
  • Standard variants
  • Charging cable set for DBL series DBL5250, DBL5500/3W
  • Charging cable for Smartcharger SC300/SC500

Cable clamps

  • Completely isolated, for professional applications
    Standard 200A    red and black
    Set red and black
  • Set angled
    1000A    red and black
  • Spare part for 200A cable clamps
    Handle cover red
    Handle cover black

Charging cable coupling

  • Charging cable coupling
  • Welding connector
  • Welding plug/Charging cable coupling set

Mains connection kit

  • Mains connection kit
    For DBL3000/3W and DBL5500/3W


  • HARTING-plug for all DBLxxx/3W HAN-versions (mains connection)

Spare Parts

  • Rubber foot for DBL800
  • Hinged feets frontside
  • Carrying handle for product groups

D-Tool Service MPC4

  • Software for fast and easy update of customer-specific firmware (including parameter) via RS232 or USB. Link available via e-mail.

D-Tool Parameterization tool MPC4

  • For PC-based parameterization of DBL MPC4 charging computers and configuration of D-ADAPT-MPC4 network adapter via RS232/USB or Ethernet