Modern vehicles include a multitude of electrical and electronical components. Vehicle onboard networks possess more than 100 control devices that have to be powered. The hardware and software is adjusted optimally and individually to the respective application and guarantees the greatest possible amount of security and reliability. Deutronic charging computers have proven their worth a thousand of times and thus have been in use by leading OEMs worldwide for decades. An absolute interconnectivity offers a multitude of possibilities: from real time monitoring or remote control to the downstream analysis and processing of all saved data. This means that the applications are almost limitless.

  • Intelligent charger for motor vehicles starter battery (Lead acid / Gel / AGM / VRLA / Lithium-Ion Batteries)
  • 100% on board safety, protection of on-board electronical system / airbag
  • Suitable for lead acid, gel, AGM, fleece and lithium-ion batteries depending on the firmware version
  • The firmware 1.41 is available as Deutronic standard
  • Firmware 1.41: Charging Mode: Automode, FSV, charging-P
  • The “automatic battery detection” function is offered as a customer-spezific solution
  • For details see data sheet
  • Use as battery charger and power supply
  • Extensive protection functions and self-protection functions
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protection
  • Protection against defective batteries
  • Reliable sparking suppression
  • Comfortable menu navigation / charging parameter configurable
  • Built-in communication interface
  • Sealed housing, protected against internal pollution
  • Status indication via display and high power LEDs
  • Menu navigation: German, English, French, Italian, Spain (others on request)
  • Accessories: External visualization of operating state (DBL-SIG-LR signal lamp)


TypInput [V]Output [V]Output [A]Cat. No
DBL800-58-M100-240VACmax. 58VDC11A/14A Boost107088/0/000

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