Test system for ventilators

Scope of testing

  • PE test according to EN60335 and EN60204
  • HV test up to 3,6kVDC and 5kVAC
  • Input power of the specimen
  • Rotation speed measurement
  • Flow of air mass measurement
  • Volume flow measurement
  • Air pressure measurement

With this test system, ventilators are inspected for their safety, electrical and physical functions.
The test system has a specimen specific test trolley and a frame construction which includes the system components. This system is secured by a light barrier of the safety category 4. The mechanical and electrical specimen handling is located inside of the test cell. The specimen trolley is identified by the identification of the installed Phoenix component so that different trolleys can be inserted into the system. Different needle board adapters for the specimen contacting/programming can be inserted because of a 10 bit adapter coding.


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