ESM5 Solar Charger

The ESM5 is a solar module with an integrated charge controller for maintaining 12VDC lead-based, rechargeable batteries.
Long standstill times after production and transport as well as increasing standby-power consumption of new cars often lead to a discharge of the vehicle battery. The ESM5 Solar-Battery-Maintainer-System prevents a deep discharge of the battery causing a massive increase of the battery lifetime. The current state of charge of the battery is indicated on the front side of the ESM5 at any time via LEDs.

  • Solar module with integrated charge controller for 12VDC lead-based rechargeable batteries
  • Processor controlled charging
  • Robust solar module
  • Aluminium / plastic sandwich carrier plate
  • Only 5 mm thick (without charge controller)
Type Input V Output V Output Cat. No
ESM5 - 14,2VDC max. 600mA 116198

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