Mass flow sensor calibration test system (simple) for gas blower

Significant test time reduction by MathWorks® MATLAB®

Calorific value devices may only guarantee an efficient and low-emission combustion process if the gas air mixture is provided exactly. For this purpose, a high-precision calibrated gas blower system is necessary.
An exact calibration of the gas blower system is enabled by the measurement of airflow via critically operated Venturi nozzles. The measuring and calibration are carried out depending on several parameters such as the ambient temperature and the humidity. However, this process portrays a great mathematical challenge to each test software. The reduction of the lead times, thus, requires a quick calculation of very complex mathematical formulas.
MathWorks® MATLAB® and the Deutronic test software DTS are used in order to enable this complex process.
The test time of the gas blower system by a worldwide leading manufacturer of electro motors and gas blower systems can be reduced from eleven to seven minutes on average.


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