Structure-borne sound measurement – for a smart quality assurance of the production process

Scope of testing

  • Fully automated sound detection software
  • Detection and identification of numerous sound patterns
  • Convenient teach-in of “good“ and “bad“ test objects
  • Determination of similarity for teach-in test objects
  • Naming of different body sound failures

Conventional function tests for electric motors are not able to fulfil the high standards of a state-of-the-art quality assurance. To satisfy the high requirements of the quality assurance and an efficient test sequence, cutting edge test methods are required. Motor faults in every operating mode are manifested by vibration signals. Structure-borne sound measurement is able to detect and identify these signals. This enables the detection of individual component faults as well as the identification of characteristic error indications.
Structure-borne sound measurement takes place parallel to function tests, therefore, it requires no additional testing time. This objective testing method enables reproducibility and comparability of testing results.


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