Test systems for capacitive sensors and proximity switches

Scope of testing

  • Individual test processes
  • Simulation of error states
  • Open test area

Capacitive sensors and proximity switches are increasingly used in our day-to-day life. For example, for operating elevators or opening train doors. Depending on their area of application, the buttons differ, e.g. in their sensitivity. Furthermore, they must meet different requirements (e.g. resistance against vandalism). The proper and reliable function of sensor buttons is based on triggering through contact without actuating force. Feedback is optical through different-colour LEDs, acoustically through a signal sound or tactile through vibration.
By means of a linear actuator, an electrode is moved towards the specimen (sensor) in a defined distance. The distances between electrode and sensor can be determined with the aid of laser distance sensors based on the triangulation principle during certain switching operations. The intelligent signal analysis enables the sensor, regardless of the color and surface, to work with high precision.


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