Testing of railway couplers, cables and plugs

Scope of testing

  • Test time reduction through an intelligent sequence automatism
  • 100% function control
  • A high production output
  • Labeling of customer specific labels

Railway couplers are used worldwide under most extreme conditions. Here, the internal electronics must function without problems in addition to high physical stability. The problem-free function is determined and validated using the shown test systems.
The function test system shown above is used as a wiring test system for railway couplers. The test object is entered into the test room and locked fully automated by using a customer-specific adapter cart.
The contacting box is located outside the test room. The loose strands are contacted. Using the area gantry that is installed in the test room, the individual contacts of the coupler are approached. Thus, it can be determined whether a cable is wired to a contact or not and which cable is wired to which contact. Based on an intelligent test sequence, the test time can be reduced significantly.
The respective contact number is printed on the individual cables by the enclosed label printer. After the test completion, all data that has been obtained during the test is deposited in a SQL database and thus available for later use (e.g. statistical analysis).


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