DC/DC converter for hybrid and electric vehicles

For hybrid and electric vehicles, electronic components such as high-voltage energy storage, electric motors etc. have an important role. Depending on the degree of electrification of the vehicle, components from conventional drive concepts are replaced by more efficient ones. Thus, in hybrid or electric vehicles, the generator can be saved, which supplies the 12V/24V/48V electrical system. Instead, a DC/DC converter is required, which changes the voltage of the high-voltage energy storage device to the voltage of the electrical system.
The DVCH converter meet the requirements occurring in a vehicle and also impress with extremely low construction volume and very high efficiency.

  • 200VDC–800VDC wide range input
  • Several protection and self-protection functions (short-circuit protection, overtemperature protection and no load protection)
  • Protection against unfavorable environmental conditions (IP protection)
  • Customized changes possible
  • Various voltage ranges and power (controllable, e.g. CAN)
  • Interlock function
Type Input V Output V Output Cat. No
DVCH1503-400-12 200–480V 0–15V 112A 105193
DVCH1503-400-24 200–480V 0–30V 56A 105192
DVCH1503-700-12 380–800V 0–15V 112A
DVCH1503-700-24 380–800V 0–30V 56A
DVCH3003-400-12 200–480V 0–15V 224A
DVCH3003-400-24 200–480V 0–30V 112A
DVCH3003-700-12 380–800V 0–15V 224A
DVCH3003-700-24 380–800V 0–30V 112A

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